About Us

This web site was developed to help people from all walks of life find and connect with God.  You see, God wants an ongoing relationship with you.  Since we’re not affiliated with any church or Bible college, we have no hidden agenda.  However, we did feel God was urging us to show you the path to finding and connecting with him in an easy to understand format.  Finding God made easy!

We also wanted to make sure that our readers didn’t feel we were lecturing them or talking down to them.  This is why we let God do the talking.  Nearly all of the content of the web site are completely taken from verses in the Bible or as we like to say….in the very words of God.

Our web site is especially targeted to those who are already Christians although the purpose is to help unbelievers find God.  You see, we understand how difficult it is for some people to share what God means to them and how he helps them through whatever difficulty they face.  If that’s you, let us help.  Pull up our web site on your phone and hand it to that relative, friend or maybe even the person you just met and let them walk through the steps for finding God.  We even have a prayer after each Find God pathway that they can pray along to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

Finding God Made Easy

We hope you enjoy the web site and we encourage you to share it with others if you already know God.   If you don’t know God, please follow along the path where you are in your life journey under Find God and make a decision today to accept Jesus.  It will be the most important decision you will ever make in your life.  When you accept Jesus, please be sure to let us know.